3-types of Specialty Coffee (SAVING of over RM30)

3-types of Specialty Coffee - ONE HONEST PRICE

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Pinang Blend (230g)

  1. Origin - Guatemala and Brazil
  2. Roast Profile - Medium
  3. Balance Is The Core Of This Blend, A Mild Body Character That Stick To The Smoothness And Hints Of Fruity With Or Without Milk For The Day

Ethiopia Limu (230g)

  1. Region - South West of Ethiopia
  2. Varieties - Heirloom
  3. Altitude - >3200m
  4. Roast Profile - Medium
  5. Balanced Acidity And Chocolaty Body, It Is Recommended To Brew For Black Coffee, Good Cup Of Morning Coffee!

Brazil Cerrado (230g)

  1. Origin - Cerrado, Brazil
  2. Varieties - Bourbon, Catuai
  3. Altitude - 800-1000m
  4. Roast Profile - Medium
  5. Feel Of Nuts Like Peanuts, Smooth After Taste And This Suitable For Most Of The Coffee Drinkers!

RM 87.00

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